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The Body of an Essay

Please understand that the body can be anywhere between two to six to seven paragraphs this depends on your introduction this depends on the content that you have but the message is that each paragraph has to be distinct it has to come across as a separate sub topic in itself okay so that is the body for you okay now body is the meat of your essay guys I mean when I am a reader I know that what you are going to say or what your message is your explanation or your persuasion the meat of your argument is going to come in the body so to make your body stronger you must be able to support it with lots of statistics and examples and that is where shots worth I found her ass a slightly weak because there are no examples and no statistics to support what you are saying.

I would have loved to see like somebody said I think Ervin said that you know I’ve talked about some statistics of india-us etcetera China so it is great if you can present statistics so in so and so here so and so person made this a democracy these are the growth rates of the average growth rate of this economy thanks to the democratic governance and this is an oligarchy this is the growth rates of this this this country so if you have some statistics whether it is growth rates whether it is population figures where you are able to distinguish and support your point it becomes a brilliant essay so each paragraph the point which you are making if it is supported with an example statistics names numbers years it becomes a very strong point so your body gains a lot of strength with examples each paragraph each sub point should be supported with examples and statistics.

So that is the major chunk of your essay the body any questions on the body guys Ashworth I think you also realize that you did not make those two or three paragraphs in the body if I can come back to your essay there are two paragraphs after introduction paragraph and even though the points in both the panel is distinct so the second paragraph in the essay guys before you talks about the the things which are with where democracy is useful so the country like India he says the population is large diverse so democracy is useful whereas in the next paragraph he talks about so when a country is not diverse and the population is not so large monarchy is better so yes the paragraph our distinct definitely I can definitely make sense that this is a different paragraph what is trying to say is very different in paragraph two and paragraph three but they have not supported with examples they are not supported with wit statistics and that is a weakening element okay so that is what is probably missing here is that clear guys any questions any questions so far this I’ll come to that shall come to the overall rating of the essay once I’m done with my this structure.


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