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IT Job Interview Questions – Questions You’ll Be Asked at Big Tech Firms Part 2

Microsoft Interview Questions

Since their HQs are a veritable stone’s throw from one another across Lake Washington, Microsoft and Amazon have probably shared more than a few HR personnel, so you may expect their interviews would be much the same. Microsoft too has been known to throw out the oddball question to gauge how well a prospective employee would mesh with the Redmond clan.

(By the way, if you ever do get the occasion to visit the Microsoft campus in Redmond, do so. It is a mighty impressive place, for sheer size, if for nothing else. They have a soccer field and even built several overpasses across the freeway to facilitate travel from one side of the campus to the other.)

As with Amazon, you’ll probably be asked about past experiences, what specific projects you enjoyed working on, and why you are interested in Microsoft. Most interviewees indicate that as a common thread, but again, you will get similar questions from virtually any company, whether the job is IT oriented or not.

Product Related Questions

Microsoft makes omnipresent products the Redmond company is very proud of. You will probably be asked about them. You should enter into any interview with a strong knowledge of the company and their products and/or services.

This is demonstrated by this 3-part question, recently fielded by a Microsoft recruit :

What’s your favorite Microsoft product?

Which do you use the most?

What are three things you’d improve on it?

If you are going to be interviewing for a software position that has anything to do with UI design think about things from the end user’s perspective. Despite all the jokes out there about Microsoft, that is what they do, so you should demonstrate that you do likewise. To facilitate that, ask the interviewer questions regarding the problem so you have a better grasp of exactly what they’re asking you to create.

It’s Microsoft. If you’re going for a software engineering position, You can expect some questions on .NET Frameworks, such as knowing the difference between it and Java, and generally what it is, and how to implement it on different projects.

Know how to find the lowest common ancestor in the binary tree, Such tree-related questions are common.

One interviewee recently reported this question on algorithm design: Design an algorithm to find all words in a 4*4 box.

You will want to have a comprehensive knowledge of algorithms and data structures because they will ask at least one question about them at some point during the interview. Make sure your test cases are well organized, make sense, and you can explain why you chose to do things the way you did.


IT Jobs With Non-Tech Firms

If you are interviewing for an IT job such as a network admin position, with a smaller, non-technical firm, you may well avoid many of the more technical questions. This is because you will be the main technical resource for the company, and the interviewer will probably know very little about the nuts and bolts of your job.


In that case, be prepared to answer the normal, interview style questions about your background and experience. It will be your personality, experience, certificates, and schooling that will land you the job in this case, not the difference between IPv4 and Ipv6. Your interviewer wouldn’t know a packet if it hit them on the head.


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