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Applying For Your Goal

If you’re applying to an MD ph.d you have to love science the way we all do if you want a pic md PhD it’s not I dabble in medicine I dabble in research you’re going to have to be passionate about research as well so definitely you’re going to write about your research experiences in the same way you’re definitely going to have to talk about your medical health community setting experience because you are trying to convince the admissions committee that you really understand what a career in medicine is too you may or may not have time for extracurricular activities but kind of the same with the concluding paragraph so going back to the one for graduate school research experiences you know we’ll talk more about that but but definitely talk the talk walk the walk you are a scientist what did you do why did you do it what did you find we absolutely want to know your findings. If you want to know more about admission papers, check out Robotdon.

So now again what I was saying as students really have trouble with the last part of this and way too often I see people who have just gotten to the end and said that you know now I’m applying to your program and my big goal in life is to get into graduate school know your big goal in life is to be through graduate school to be a scientist to practice okay so it’s hard you know it’s difficult it’s a lot of work to decide where to apply which programs to apply to if you want help with that send me an email on this website whose work you’re interested in so how do you find out about this institution you can go to a particular program look that up but but how do you flatter them how do you know you’re a great match with this institute so a great way to find out about what is unique about is institution is to go to its home page and just search centers or institutes we all have similar departments departments of biology chemistry physics english but what we do is oftentimes we create something new very interdisciplinary and we call it a center or an institute.

And this is a great way to get great information about any particular university if you look here what this is an example oh it’s the center’s in the Institute’s at the School of Medicine in public health at the University of wisconsin-madison so at the top a Cancer Center cardiovascular research center sleep medicine research on and on he could down about eight nine there and you have an institute for clinical and translational research at some point in time a couple of decades ago someone sat down and figured out that it was an average of 17 years from a discovery to its application well that’s clearly too long so the whole point of translational research is to speed the discoveries in the laboratory and their path to application in the clinic and then actually to speed the application from the clinic to the public the patient the community etc so an institute for clinical and translational research exists.

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