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All You Need to Know About Careers in Data Entry

A data entry job means typing or re-typing data from paper into a computer program, or across programs. Recorded data that might be captured includes names, addresses, numbers and computer coding.

Capturing data into a more presentable format goes back to the invention of the typewriter. Skilled typists, especially those who are also very quick at 10-key typing, are in high demand for data entry positions.

If your job is purely about data entry your typing will no doubt get very quick. The need to be able to read from documents and accurately retype them. Data entry for programming needs to be especially accurate, as the wrong letter, number or symbol can corrupt an entire function of a program. Embarrassing mistakes or misinformation in published documents can result from data entry clerks who are not accurate.

Data capturing jobs need concentration and focus. If you spend all day at a desk, keeping good posture is very important. You should allow regular breaks to rest your hands and eyes. Just five minutes resting per hour might help prevent you from turning into a mole stuck hunched in your chair forever. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the fear of every data entry clerk, so be sure to exercise your hands regularly.

Some computers can speed up data entry using scanners to read documents and convert the information into formats for the desired program.

It is thought that methods like this could eventually make some data entry jobs obsolete. One example is a computer brainy enough to understand speech and transcribe it automatically.

If you can you should try to get some new skills and see what other role you could take on in your company, just in case they buy a robot to do your job. As an example, if your job is entering code for websites, it would be wise to learn how to use software for programming to make you more employable in the future.


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